Feb 23, 2012

Painting With A Palette Knife

My computer died and that is one reason why I am not visible as much in the viral world lately. I depend on other people's computers now and for a while I will be here sporadically.

In the mean time I've been taking some art classes, which are very enjoyable. In my painting class, I was learning how to paint with a palette knife today. I would never guess that it can be so much fun and I am totally falling for this technique (I sound like I am talking about some nice looking man) and I would love to create many paintings with my knives.

Our task was to carefully look at the objects in front of us, and study their colors very carefully - a light and a shadow, a color hue etc. We had to "see" as many color shades of the background, the block and the pear as possible, mix those colors, and then apply them in "blocks" or "spots" on the canvas with our knife.  Next week we will continue with our project.

 I took a picture with my phone, so it is not the greatest image quality, but it is sufficient enough to show my friends a peek preview, how I am "tackling" my background and the pear sitting on the painted styrofoam block.

Until next time.

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