Nov 5, 2014

SOLD - Shoe Sculpture

 I sold today my Dancing Shoe Sculpture that I made in 2013. The shoe found a really nice new home :-)

It was designed with 1980's disco era in mind - way back when I used to dance in Manhattan's clubs to "Pet Sop Boys" and "Depeche Mode" and "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" and..... you get the picture. Good Old Fun Days. And... you had to be "hip", otherwise those "boys at the rope" would not let you in.

Nov 4, 2014

WAC - "Pop Up Art Show"

I just would like to invite anyone living in Fairfield county, or near Westport,CT to a Pop Up Art Show. Many artist will be exhibiting small works (18" or less) at Westport Art Center, Westport CT. This event is going to be a lot of fun with great artists and art lovers, food (anything toasted with many different spreads) and wine. Come, you may find a unique art piece as a gift for someone.

I will have a couple of my art pieces (drawings) there as well.

It is a short show (only 4 days), so do not miss it!!!!

Dates: Thursday, Nov 6-9 - reception on Thursday Nov 6 from 6pm-9pm
Address: 51 Riverside Ave, Westport CT

If you decide to come - look for my drawings similar to the one below:

Jul 10, 2014

2014 Wilton Public Library Summer Group Show

The blue painting on the left is mine
I have been very busy with my life lately. Actually so much busy that I do not post much about my art anymore. I really need to organize my schedule a little better, since I have so many interests and venues. Art, school, knitting and crocheting (designing patterns and teaching) videotaping and editing, blogging, and hair/make-up. Oh and I forgot - henna tattoo that my daughter got me into one day when her and her friends called me at 10:30 at night when they were having fun at one of the girl's house - "Pleeeaaaaase can you come over and do our henna tattoos?" (I could not say no to something fun like that even that I have never done it before. how hard could it be, right?)
Besides,  I just cannot concentrate on one thing - I have to do all of the interesting projects, because - all of them are too much fun to miss!

I get so involved with my interests that I forget that the rest of the world exists.

Well, the latest in my art area is that I am showing two of my latest pieces in Wilton Public Library (Connecticut). I have mixed feelings about this. Kind of.
When I went to see the hanging (it is a group show) my paintings are so different from 90% of the artists that I think I should be exhibiting on another planet. I guess. LOL.

Soooooo, if you are in Wilton, CT - go see the exhibition (it ends on Aug 31st, 2014). All the local artists are in the show. There is so much to see.

One of my paintings is in the middle (just in case you were wondering)

May 16, 2014

My Other Ceramic Works

Yarn Bowl
Besides my abstract ceramic sculpture "Destruction of Earth" I made me a yarn bowl and a "Shrine to A Knitting Goddess".

Yarn Bowl - view #2

Yarn Bowl - view #3

"Shrine to A Knitting Goddess"

May 14, 2014

Abstract Ceramic - "Destruction of Earth"

I have never worked with clay so I decided to take "Ceramics" class. It was interesting and quite challenging to model clay with hands - first with a coil, then with slabs. After that I learned how glazes work. Some turned out great, couple were just 'eh', if you know what I mean.

Well, here is my abstract piece called "Destruction of Earth".

These slabs were first textured, then cut up and bent into shapes, then connected together into an abstract piece, which gives us a feeling that the Earth exploded. After my finished and dried abstract was fired, I painted some pieces with "lava", other pieces with dark and light green glazes, which I extended onto my lava glaze to tie them together. The orangey color that you see is that of the fired clay, which is giving this piece another dimension.

Tomorrow is my last day in the ceramics class, and I have to do a presentation,  which will be on a more useful piece - a yarn "bowl" and a "Shrine to Knitting God", since I love to knit and crochet. An image of one or two more pieces, including my presentation pieces, will be published within couple of days.

Mar 24, 2014

Wedding Event of the Season by B&H

Up until this year I have been using just a "point and shoot camera".  But my DH surprised me with a new, and more complex camera as a gift. That prompted me to take a class to learn how to take images in the manual settings. So far so good. However, I didn't realize how much information one has to learn in order to take images manually. (You do not want to know show many times I started to take images with lens cap on.)
Since my camera was purchased from B&H store, I signed up for a newsletter. Today B&H sent me a reminder about live event, that was happening in NYC. They hired top professionals that take wedding images. Although I have never taken wedding images, I decided to watch the event and was really happy I did. I can use all the information that was presented for my personal use as well. The all day long presentations by photography professionals was very good and I found the link to share with you just in case you are interested in watching it. Click HERE, sit back and watch this event even if you want to get just inspired.

Feb 7, 2014

Henna Tattoos

I consider henna tattoos one form of art. For many years I have been admiring beautiful henna tattoos - the real ones, you know. The ones done by skilled henna artists in India. So, I had to dab into that type of art a little bit too - since I am a person that has to try anything and everything that is interested in...
So here are some of my first designs. Well, actually it was about the third try ever since my daughter asked me to help out with henna tattoos for her friends. One of these days I will be this Czech/American artist doing henna tattoos so typical for India without any problems... aaaaahhhh I like that - I like being "global artist". It's like when The Beatles went to India and introduced some of Indian styles into their music. And people went crazy.

OK. OK. Below are a few images I did for a fund raiser at the Quinnipiac University, Connecticut tonight. Students chose their designs from the web and I copied it with few little changes. The experience was absolutely worth it.