May 14, 2014

Abstract Ceramic - "Destruction of Earth"

I have never worked with clay so I decided to take "Ceramics" class. It was interesting and quite challenging to model clay with hands - first with a coil, then with slabs. After that I learned how glazes work. Some turned out great, couple were just 'eh', if you know what I mean.

Well, here is my abstract piece called "Destruction of Earth".

These slabs were first textured, then cut up and bent into shapes, then connected together into an abstract piece, which gives us a feeling that the Earth exploded. After my finished and dried abstract was fired, I painted some pieces with "lava", other pieces with dark and light green glazes, which I extended onto my lava glaze to tie them together. The orangey color that you see is that of the fired clay, which is giving this piece another dimension.

Tomorrow is my last day in the ceramics class, and I have to do a presentation,  which will be on a more useful piece - a yarn "bowl" and a "Shrine to Knitting God", since I love to knit and crochet. An image of one or two more pieces, including my presentation pieces, will be published within couple of days.

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