Feb 27, 2013

"Somebody" Portraits

About two years ago I bought a set of firm pastels. I tried them and I just didn't like them as much as I liked soft pastels. So, I put them aside. Couple of months ago I was drawing with my soft pastels on the paper, which had a smooth surface, this time. But I had hard time to keep the pastels to cling to the surface. I just had to re-color the area several times, whenever I tried to do some blending. It was very annoying. (Who said that art is easy is wrong!)

Few days ago I decided to pull my firm pastels out of a drawer and draw an imaginary portrait. I used a different technique with these pastels and I love to work with them now. I am ready to draw many portraits.

Maybe I should put my soft pastels on the shelf for a while? No, actually I will use both of them at the same time. I like that idea. And I will use a pencil too. And perhaps even watercolor.... and oil stick... and ........ LOL

Above drawing is "Somebody #2" and drawing below is "Somebody #1". I call these portraits "Somebody", because they are actually nobody. Hmmm, should I call them "Somebody Nobody"? They are just figments (is that English-English or American-English or both Englishes expression?) of my mind. And more to come. I love this technique....

CelloPointe Performance In Manhattan, NY

Dear Manhattanites (and all art lovers from surrounding area),

If you haven't seen CelloPointe performance (ballet/cello) yet, you could make time to see this small ensemble in action. You'll enjoy it - that is if you like classical music and ballet like me.

The performance is @ mmac, 248 W 60th, New York, NY on March 24th 2013 @ 3pm.

Purchase tickets ahead of time and you save $5

You can LIKE them on Facebook.

My drawing, which was inspired by CelloPointe performance, is on THIS PAGE (if you  didn't see it yet).

Perhaps, I'll see you there :-)

Feb 24, 2013


CelloPointe is a company that puts together ballet/cello performances.

I created a drawing inspired by their performance and the drawing now is being used to raise some money for this company. You can donate money to their cause and CelloPointe will send you an 11'x18'' poster, which looks just like the original.

I no longer have the original, but I do have a print :-)

If you wish to donate in exchange for the poster all you have to do is click HERE.

Feb 21, 2013

Another Art Show In Hamden, CT

Dear Diary,

I am sorry I haven't written anything in you for a while.....

That is how I should start my post tonight. I have been so busy lately, that I haven't kept up with my blog. I had 4 shows within 4 or 5 months. And two days ago I received a call: "Would you want to exhibit in medical offices in a near by town?"

I graciously accepted, as it will make me feel great that all visitors will "stare" at my art while waiting in the waiting room and wonder what my paintings could possibly mean.

So, tomorrow I am hanging twenty or so pieces, and besides that I have to get ready for another submission. Busy, busy, busy....

Oh, and I have been knitting and writing patterns too. That is my other vice, art is the first one.

I desperately need lot more hours to my day. I really do. Not enough time for all my ideas, and projects... sigh