Aug 8, 2011

Visit To Mystic And Stonington In CT

While visiting Mystic Aquarium with Maggie (our exchange student) this Sunday, my husband found a glass blowing studio in Stonington, CT. So, after we were finished with ogling fishes we sat in the car and drove to this town near by Mystic, CT.

The glass blowing studio and store was very refreshing experience for me. In Bohemia (the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia - a country that I come from), there is a very strong tradition of glass blowing and Czechs are  famous for great glass art as well as a production for everyday glass items.
When we stepped into "Studio Jeffrey P'an" we felt a heat coming from the ovens, although it was not really that hot or uncomfortable, because fans were sucking and blowing the heat out. There were many tools in one half of the studio, one big oven (the fire is on 24/7 to keep liquid glass inside liquid) and couple of small ovens (which may or may not be on 24/7). Temperatures reach up to 2100F (!).  In the other half of Jeffrey P'an studio is a store with many outstanding products (vases, glass earrings, necklaces,... etc.) which make great gifts. While visiting the studio, Jeffrey provides several chairs for people to watch the actual glass blowing.

Everyone  there was very friendly and answered all our questions, which made our visit very pleasant.
When we stepped out from the studio, the hot weather outside seemed cooler than 30 minutes before.

If you are visiting Mystic Aquarium you may notice Jeffrey's art instalations. Also, in Mystic, CT Jeffrey P'an has an art gallery (see locations where Jeffrey's art can be seen HERE). But nothing beats seeing Jeffrey and others making glass art with your own eyes (see Jeffrey's videos HERE). So, drive another 10 minutes to his studio (factory and show room) in Stonington, CT. After that you can drive to quaint Stonington downtown and finish nice visit with lunch or diner.

Jeffrey P'an with Beckah Sullen and Emily Hamel

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