Aug 8, 2011

Summer 2011 Exhibition At MoMA

Two weeks ago our family took Maggie, our summer exchange student, to see an exhibition in MoMA. She shares love for art with our family. Her face lit up when she saw paintings by Picasso, Warhol, Miro, Dali and many more. She stroked a pose for her Mom, to show her one particular painting.
When Maggie and I got to the 6th floor I got excited with the art video exhibition by an artist (I never heard of) Francis Alÿs called "A Story Of Deception". Only then I realized that one of my works of many images that I edited into a movie last year, which I played at one of my "artists get together events" this year to fellow artists, is done in similar fashion and spirit to Francis' works. Although my very short video is not video per say but rather a video of many images with the use of energetic music. When I saw my husband later (we kind of lost each other in MoMA), he asked me: "Did you see the exhibition on the 6th floor?" I only answered "I know! Right?" Just like my husband, I strongly felt that my work could stand next to Mr. Alÿs' works.

Here is one of the art videos by Francis:

And couple of images of Maggie admiring paintings at MoMA

Below an image of Pointillism style (or Divisionism) by Seurat.

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