Jul 22, 2012

A Stuffed Bold Eagle In Your Art Projects And Law

To all fellow artists - do not include a stuffed Bold Eagle in your art - it is a criminal act. You cannot sell it, keep it, buy it, barter it, transport it, import it or export it - alive or dead.

Read THIS interesting article in the New York Times, what Mrs. Sonnabend’s children are dealing with by inheriting their mother's (the art dealer) “Canyon,” by Robert Rauschenberg.

Credit: The image on the left was published in NYTimes and is property of Rauschenberg Estate and Licensed by VAGA, NY.

Jul 17, 2012

Drawing From My Imagination

I was kind of fooling around today with my pen and paper after I was inspired by some illustrators. I love "LOVE" as a theme and this is one of my takes on love - "Tree Of Love" (there is not enough of love in the world, we could always use some more for sure). Too bad I used a paper just for drawing and not a watercolor, I could color it in. It would look co much nicer.

I guess I should visit my favorite place, an art store, for a perfect paper for my drawing/water color projects.

Jul 12, 2012

I Sold My Latest Drawings

I was very happy to learn that I sold four drawings today. Unfortunately, I forgot to take images before I sent them out to a new owner. Silly me. But I still may get some snapshots at a later date.