Mar 24, 2014

Wedding Event of the Season by B&H

Up until this year I have been using just a "point and shoot camera".  But my DH surprised me with a new, and more complex camera as a gift. That prompted me to take a class to learn how to take images in the manual settings. So far so good. However, I didn't realize how much information one has to learn in order to take images manually. (You do not want to know show many times I started to take images with lens cap on.)
Since my camera was purchased from B&H store, I signed up for a newsletter. Today B&H sent me a reminder about live event, that was happening in NYC. They hired top professionals that take wedding images. Although I have never taken wedding images, I decided to watch the event and was really happy I did. I can use all the information that was presented for my personal use as well. The all day long presentations by photography professionals was very good and I found the link to share with you just in case you are interested in watching it. Click HERE, sit back and watch this event even if you want to get just inspired.

Feb 7, 2014

Henna Tattoos

I consider henna tattoos one form of art. For many years I have been admiring beautiful henna tattoos - the real ones, you know. The ones done by skilled henna artists in India. So, I had to dab into that type of art a little bit too - since I am a person that has to try anything and everything that is interested in...
So here are some of my first designs. Well, actually it was about the third try ever since my daughter asked me to help out with henna tattoos for her friends. One of these days I will be this Czech/American artist doing henna tattoos so typical for India without any problems... aaaaahhhh I like that - I like being "global artist". It's like when The Beatles went to India and introduced some of Indian styles into their music. And people went crazy.

OK. OK. Below are a few images I did for a fund raiser at the Quinnipiac University, Connecticut tonight. Students chose their designs from the web and I copied it with few little changes. The experience was absolutely worth it.

Nov 1, 2013

My "Hair Styles" At Urban Hair Salon

The other day I was approached by hair salon's owner Michelene. She asked me to display my "Hair Styles" paintings on her salon's walls. What could be more appropriate place to hang my "ladies" than at a hair salon? This quaint establishment's name is Urban Hair & Co., which is located in Fairfield, CT.

If you live in the area, you can get a hair cut and/or a color and enjoy art at the same time. Or just stop by to see my paintings in person. Click HERE to visit Urban Hair & Co.'s website for directions.

Jul 29, 2013

Charcoal Drawings

My life has been a bit busy with many of my interests. Between my drawing and painting and knitting and crocheting, I also try to learn the business of promoting my art (and crafts). Recently - out of the blue - I was hired to teach knitting. And I totally love it. On top of that people enjoy my teaching techniques and for me it is great to be among happy souls that are creative, or that are learning to be creative.

So lately, when I am not teaching knitting, I am working on a piece for the Westport Arts Center's call for artists with a theme "Home Sweet Home". Let me tell you, that is quite a tough one. As an artist, I do want to kind of stand out. Which I usually do. However, that can be outside of the NYC art scene quite a draw back. I feel like painting a house and call it "Home Sweet Home" is not just good enough for me. Then my wild mind (I do not want to call my thinking crazy, because it could be demeaning or unflattering expression since any artist's "crazy ideas" should be seen more or less as different and progressive) goes into a high speed and ---- creates art that not everyone can appreciate. It takes a special person to like my work. So if you are that special person and like my art, keep fingers crossed for my drawing to be accepted into the above mentioned show.

Feb 27, 2013

"Somebody" Portraits

About two years ago I bought a set of firm pastels. I tried them and I just didn't like them as much as I liked soft pastels. So, I put them aside. Couple of months ago I was drawing with my soft pastels on the paper, which had a smooth surface, this time. But I had hard time to keep the pastels to cling to the surface. I just had to re-color the area several times, whenever I tried to do some blending. It was very annoying. (Who said that art is easy is wrong!)

Few days ago I decided to pull my firm pastels out of a drawer and draw an imaginary portrait. I used a different technique with these pastels and I love to work with them now. I am ready to draw many portraits.

Maybe I should put my soft pastels on the shelf for a while? No, actually I will use both of them at the same time. I like that idea. And I will use a pencil too. And perhaps even watercolor.... and oil stick... and ........ LOL

Above drawing is "Somebody #2" and drawing below is "Somebody #1". I call these portraits "Somebody", because they are actually nobody. Hmmm, should I call them "Somebody Nobody"? They are just figments (is that English-English or American-English or both Englishes expression?) of my mind. And more to come. I love this technique....