Jun 7, 2015

"Fresh Paint" Exhibition At Framemakers in Black Rock, CT

My husband Jeff and I with my painting "Sprouts No.1"

Fate steered my foot steps in a slightly different direction lately. Although I still create art, I also spend a lot of energy on teaching knitting and crocheting - in person and on-line, besides other creative projects and jobs. Actually, I need my day to be a lot longer, or I need to live longer so I can do all I want to do in my lifetime.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I decided to submit one of my paintings for a show. I didn't submit my paintings to any show for quite some time.  It was a last minute decision. Yesterday, the "Fresh Paint" show opened at Maureen Buckley's gallery and frame shop, where again I could connect with my friends and fellow artists and check out their newest paintings and sculptures.

After I chatted for about an hour, caught up on local art news and took few images, I drove to meet another artist, Molly - to visit Open Studios in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY). But that is a story for another post, right after this one.

If you live in the Black Rock area and you need your precious art framed do not hesitate to visit Maureen's establishment.
BRAG (Black Rock Art Guild) is an organization that helps all their members to exhibit in the area, such as in this case.


  1. Congratutlations on your exhibit! You are one talented, busy lady; keep up the great work! -- JoAnn

    1. +JoAnn - how thoughtful, thank you very much!