Apr 2, 2016

April 2016 - AQUA show at the Maritime Garage Gallery in Norwalk, CT

Bronislava Slagle, Aqua, Acrylic/Cotton, 20"x16"
I have been very busy in the past several years. Not that I do not want to post to my blog anything - I just do not have time. An artist have to create art, and I also have to make "artsy craft" (knitting and crocheting) - because I am so called Youtube Creator - which requires videotaping my work, editing videos, taking images and editing them too, downloading, uploading, marketing, blogging about the videos.... Let me tell you - it is a lot of work, but I LOVE IT. My handmade/rukodelky is giving me a lot of pleasure, just as much as my art. And I also teach - I have a fun group and we work on many projects.

So that is why I have been neglecting writing about my art life.

But tonight, after I returned home from Manhattan where I saw Patti Smith's (yes the very talented singer) photo exhibition (at Robert Miller Gallery ) and who read from her book "M Train" (which was great and everyone totally enjoyed her reading) I checked my e-mail and...... I found out I was yet again accepted to another show. So, I am very excited, because this is what I read at 11:30pm -

"Hi Bronislava 

 Congratulations on being accepted to the AQUA show at the Maritime Garage Gallery. We had a large turnout of work and your pieces 'Aqua' and 'At the Beach' have been accepted. Art drop off begins Monday April 4-6 9am-4pm at the Maritime Garage Gallery 11 North Water Street. 

Please be sure your work is correctly wired and ready to be hung. The reception is scheduled for April 13th 5-7 and we will be sending out more information with marketing materials for you to share with your people soon. 

 Thank you for participating, 

The Garage Gallery Team"

So before I go to bed, I decided to make a quick post. If you live near Norwalk CT - come  see the show!!
Good night.  Zzzzzzzz   :-)

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