Jun 7, 2015

Bushwick Open Studios - June 2015

FUSIGNA-ROLEKE STUDIOS in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
As I mentioned in my previous blog post about my "FRESH PAINT" group exhibition (by BRAG), Molly (another wonderful artist) and I went to "Bushwick Open Studios" to see Joe Fucigna's art studio right after my show.
I met Molly at one of the "park and drive" places along the highway. She didn't mind doing all the driving, which I want to thank her for all the hard work on New York's very busy highways.

Our first stop was at Tina Duryea's art studio. Tina Duryea, Molly's friend, is another artist with an art studio in Bushwick. We hung out at Tina's place for a while, sipped wine, munched on crackers and cheese and talked about her beautiful landscapes and her newest male painting.
(Note: click on any of the images to see a bigger picture)

At Tina Duryea Art Studio

After a while we decided to walk a few blocks to see Joe Fucigna, who was (in the past) our professor at a college we both, Molly and I, attended. Molly used GPS on her phone to lead the way. Our walk was electrically charged as there were many artists walking around discussing the art scene. The air was practically vibrating.
When we got to Cook Street, we could see Joe's sculpture from the corner towering on the sidewalk next to the entrance of his studio.
We found him upstairs chatting with someone while preparing some munchies for his visitors. He was quite happy to see us. I could easily say that we made his day. Hahahaha.

Besides his previous work Molly and I knew we saw his newest work - paintings - really beautifully executed. They were very colorful. One of them was painted with a shimmering paint. Molly used an expression "pearlescent" - which was really a great one word description. His paintings were an interesting take on his sculptures, where he again used organic shapes, and wonderful layering.

Credit - Molly Forrest images of Joe's paintings

After we checked out his art pieces and Margaret Roleke's "Dolls with Guns" (see the image at the beginning of my story), Joe sent us to another building to check out more artists. Art was being celebrated on every corner we passed. As I was walking I videotaped some more of the street action - HERE. Then Molly and I stopped to draw on one of the Bushwick's graffitti wall - HERE and HERE.

Molly's and my drawing

After a little fun at the wall we went to see more art work. We peaked into several more studios.

I forgot to take this artists info

Justin Sears hard core-ish art

I was impressed with couple of paintings at "Life On Mars" studio. Especially Brenda Goodman's "Self-Portrait". No wonder it is on front page of "Life On Mars" website until the show is over.

Life On Mars Art Studio

After that we went back to Joe's. We stopped at the ODETTA gallery right below his studio to see more art before going to dinner.

Odetta Gallery

And finally around 11pm we drove home.

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