Apr 10, 2012

Norwalk Community College Exhibition - Spring 2012

I wish I would have more time to see more art. But when ever I am walking near by a gallery or any place that exhibits, I go in - if only for five minutes. 

It happens that I take classes at NCC in Norwalk, CT. It is quite nice community college with great teachers, I've been always happy with any subject I take be it accounting, art, economics, computers..... Or perhaps I get along with my teachers and do all my home-works, LOL?
Anyway, since I take classes at NCC, I always visit an area in the lobby, where they exhibit art. This spring they are showing art done by high school students. And two of the exhibited art works just stand out - that is I love them. They deserve a viral recognition. Hey I like this expression "viral recognition" - I think, I should start a special link called "VIRAL RECOGNITION" for the artists with talent, IMHO.

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