May 21, 2011

"Continuum Exhibition" Continued - Artists' Talk

"The Ridgefield Guild of Artists" had "Artist Talk and Walk" for Continuum exhibition today. Several artists (Don Arsenault, Suzanne Benton, Regina Moss, Elizabeth Back & Ellen Schiffman) talked why and how they created their art pieces. Some of them told compelling stories which made the "Artist Talk" so much more interesting.

Ellen Schiffman's started the "Talk" about her felted art piece which represents "merkin". Her presentation was a very lively discussion and very amusing indeed. We live in the era of almost "everyone" shaving their pubic area, and the thought that people would use merkins (pubic wig) made me google this "animalistic" expression. And HERE is what I found.

When I met Suzanne Benton in person awhile ago she had several pieces of her "welded art" in her home. This pioneer female welder exhibited in Continuum one her many metal masks. To this day she created about 750 masks based on India's ancient story.

Don Arsenault had a great story about his son becoming a daughter and how all this affected their lives and his "fight" for his daughter's rights and why he chose to paint his daughter - to make people aware about humanity of transgendered beings.

Regina Moss, a very talented artist that specializes in art made out of wool and felted.  Her exhibited piece - a dressy coat that looks like out of Mozart era - represents the conformity of what females or males were always expected to wear.

Elizabeth Back finished with her "hanging" art pieces made of mixed media (bees wax, paper, graphite etc.).

Unfortunately I did not take any images until the "Talk" was over and I was allowed to try Regina Moss' dress/coat which at that moment I wished to be in Manhattan ready to party like in the old days while wearing her art piece. On this page you see Regina Moss wearable art, which is for sale.

May 19, 2011

Interesting Information About Kindle

This little article is not about painting and drawing. It is actually about different Kindle uses. Like how to download .pdf files into your Kindle. Or did you know that you can lend/borrow books through Kindle that you purchased via
If you are interested in more information go to THIS web page about Kindle Tips to learn a lot more about this device. And if you own Kindle, you can read/lend/download/borrow books on painting and drawing. So you see, it does have a little to do with visual arts.

May 10, 2011

Easton Arts Council Exhibition in Easton Public Library in Connecticut

Recently, I submitted two of my paintings for a group show to Easton Arts Council in Easton, CT. Nancy P. Gladwell, MFA, juried the show. I was happy that my painting “Fire” (on the left) got into the show. My painting hangs in the main building of the Easton Public Library until May 21, 2011 or until someone buys it. Funds raised at this exhibition will be used to promote the arts in Easton and for the Easton Library (691 Morehouse Road, Easton, Connecticut).

So, support the arts people :-)

 Some attendees at the show reception listen to Mr. Howard Aaron giving a speech.

In the image above, you can see me in front of my painting along with Mr. Howard Aaron, whose painting “Fresh From The Farm” is in the show as well. 

 And in the image above with Marcia Powell from Rowayton Art Center.

May 2, 2011

Will My Dreams Come True?

Yesterday, instead of working on my circular 365 daily drawings theme, which I used to post on Twitpic, but nowadays I  just display them on my Facebook page Bronislava Art in my photo albums (or here in my blog), I decided to concentrate on a figurative art. As I watched my DH to take a nap on the porch, I started sketching the outline of his body. Later on I just finished the drawing with colored ink pens and as you can see I wanted the person in the drawing to be anonymous. I wish the viewer to wonder who is sleeping in the lounge chair - is it a woman or a man?

"Will My Dreams Come True"
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Colored ink on acid free paper

© 2011 Bronislava Slagle, All Rights Reserved