May 2, 2011

Will My Dreams Come True?

Yesterday, instead of working on my circular 365 daily drawings theme, which I used to post on Twitpic, but nowadays I  just display them on my Facebook page Bronislava Art in my photo albums (or here in my blog), I decided to concentrate on a figurative art. As I watched my DH to take a nap on the porch, I started sketching the outline of his body. Later on I just finished the drawing with colored ink pens and as you can see I wanted the person in the drawing to be anonymous. I wish the viewer to wonder who is sleeping in the lounge chair - is it a woman or a man?

"Will My Dreams Come True"
Dimensions: 12" x 9"
Colored ink on acid free paper

© 2011 Bronislava Slagle, All Rights Reserved

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