Apr 30, 2011

Ridgefield Guild of Artists - "Continuum" Exhibition

Tonight as I stepped into Ridgefield Guild of Artist to see the "Continuum" show I knew it will be a show you see only in big progressive cities. A show that is far beyond landscapes, far beyond "still life" with fruits and bowls and vases. The "house" was packed. and it was a show, which seemed to me that it have been exhibited in Manhattan, but then by some forces transposed to Ridgefield CT. "Continuum" was curated by Nancy Moore and I as an artist clap my hands for job well done.

Therefore, if you live in the area and want to have a theme for your dinner, go see the show. But it would be much better to buy one of the thought provoking art works and display it on the wall in your dining room.

Unfortunately it was my busy day and I forgot my camera at home. But if I will drive by RGOA in a near future I will stop by and take couple of images and edit this page for everyone to see that it is really worth it to see.

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