Apr 20, 2011

A Chair For Ai Weiwei

Many artists and organizations are protesting against Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's imprisonment. (Chinese government already fought back by hacking into an on-line organization that supports Ai Weiwei). Protests are held in front of Chinese embassies. Local art organizations have their ways of protesting as well. The Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield, CT shows what they think of Ai Weiwei's issue. Artists and visitors are asked to create a miniature chair for a display. Artists that do not live in Connecticut can participate too. Read all about it HERE.

Of course, I would not miss an opportunity to create one chair for Weiwei's cause - a red chair. The chair is made out of carton paper in mixed media - painted with red acrylic tint and then I glued on little hand made stars (red color and stars represent Chinese flag) along with an image of Ai Weiwei.  Also, I applied to my miniature chair one of my techniques I used on my abstract paintings.

Credits - I have downloaded Ai Weiwei's image from THIS WEBSITE and then manipulated it in a photoshop before gluing it to my chair.

PS. Below is see my artistic piece "Free Weiwei" in the Aldrich Contemporary Museum among many other little chairs :-) Let's hope Ai Weiwei will be free soon.

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