Mar 31, 2011

Drawn Away And Drawn Toward - Reception

Despite the bad weather and that the show was during the week, when people are busy with responsibilities, my "hard core fans" came to celebrate my first solo show. We talked about art and traveling and food and you name it.
It was a very relaxed evening and everyone enjoyed the "escape from obligations". The only drawback was that I left my camera chip at home, and had to take at least couple of images with my cell phone camera. Better than nothing, right?

Mark Boughton, Mayor - standing in front of his favorite painting. It happens to be my favorite too, and I decided not to sell it :-)

Wayne Shepperd, Chief of staff - this is Mr. Shepperd's favorite painting. We share same passion for orange and blue colors :-)

Jeff, Di and Veronika

Sue Brandt and Barbara Joblin

Bill Buzan loves my drawing "A Girl Riding Roomba"

Emilya Padlowski (an artist) loves my drwings too.

Jeff and Cintia

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