Mar 31, 2011

Drawn Away And Drawn Toward - Reception

Despite the bad weather and that the show was during the week, when people are busy with responsibilities, my "hard core fans" came to celebrate my first solo show. We talked about art and traveling and food and you name it.
It was a very relaxed evening and everyone enjoyed the "escape from obligations". The only drawback was that I left my camera chip at home, and had to take at least couple of images with my cell phone camera. Better than nothing, right?

Mark Boughton, Mayor - standing in front of his favorite painting. It happens to be my favorite too, and I decided not to sell it :-)

Wayne Shepperd, Chief of staff - this is Mr. Shepperd's favorite painting. We share same passion for orange and blue colors :-)

Jeff, Di and Veronika

Sue Brandt and Barbara Joblin

Bill Buzan loves my drawing "A Girl Riding Roomba"

Emilya Padlowski (an artist) loves my drwings too.

Jeff and Cintia

Mar 28, 2011

Art Hanging With Friends In Danbury CT

For few days I worked on my show (price list, labels, framing, etc.) and today "D" day finally arrived. My three friends (Helenka, Karolina a Stana) were ready to help me hang all the paintings and drawings. I think that at first they were a little reluctant to make decisions, but I told them that what ever they will decide will be a great choice. And let me tell you - I could not have a better "Art Hanging" crew! They measured, help me make decision how and where to hang all the paintings. I could not be luckier to have such great friends.
As we brought all the paintings in, we were getting pretty good raves - "ooohs and aaahs" and "this is so different" and "these paintings are awesome" and "they are very cheerful". (To tell you the truth I really do not want to sell them. My husband and I grew kind of attached to them.)
If you live in driving distance from Danbury, CT - come see what a great job they did and at the same time you can see my art :-) Come to the opening on Thursday. More info is HERE.

Below are several images from "Art Hanging" with my friends.

The "Art Hanging" crew

Our little helper is a very handy boy

Stana's doing it right

Karolina and Helenka are patient for sure!

I tried my best to attach labels

Abstracts in pastel colors


I could not resist to include some of my DailyDraw365 in the show

City Center is another location where my art is displayed

My first "Hairstyles" painting looks great on this City Center's orange wall


Mar 18, 2011

Announcements And Promotions

The opening of my exhibitions has been announced on HVCA's web site. I am still waiting if my press release will be accepted for local newspapers. My promotional material (image to the left) is being now distributed in the area.

The exhibition is almost here :-) Everyone is welcome to come and have fun at the opening party (31st March 2011, 5pm in Danbury's City Center on Main St.). We will be serving light refreshments along with nonalcoholic beverages and some wine :-)

Mar 5, 2011

The Artists Networking Event At Aldrich Museum

I decided to get away from my brushes and, instead, do some networking with artists and friends at the event which was hosted by  the Ridgefield Arts Council. It was well prepared event and "the house was full". All attendees had a chance to see several exhibitions, munch on appetizers, sip some wine, listen to the music (Thank you Aldrich Museum). The keynote speaker was Richard Friswell, Publisher and Executive Editor of ARTES, an international, on-line fine arts magazine.
Mr. Friswell's presentation was fun and informative. He talked about the history of sculpture and focused on the importance of sculpture as a public symbol, and about sculptures that celebrated people, religion, politicians etc. Mr. Friswell also talked about sculptures that were defaced and decapitated by people. He finished with  current examples of sculpture in the public arena in Connecticut and elsewhere in the world. I especially enjoyed his talk about a very controversial Czech artist David Černý who is known in the United states with his "Babies" (his Babies made it to the United States, but now "reside" on the Czech TV tower) and another great sculpture, "Metalmorphosis", which is installed in Charlotte NC (see below).

Below from left: Myself, and my artist-friends Emilya Padlowski and Katushka Millones Bojko

And, if you ever are in Charlotte, NC go see "Metalmorphosis" - it's worth it.

Mar 2, 2011

My Name

Here I am sitting at the computer and submitting my art to organizations, e-mailing people etc., when my dear husband looks up at me from his computer (he is helping me with a press release) and tells me. "You should use only your first name as your artistic name. It is so complicated for many people, that just first name, which is unique, will be enough for them to remember."

So now I am sitting here and thinking about his point and questioning myself - how do I sign my artwork then. Until now I signed my art with my last name only, which is also fairly unique - not too many artists with that name. Should I listen to my husbands idea? Would love to know people's opinion.