Mar 5, 2011

The Artists Networking Event At Aldrich Museum

I decided to get away from my brushes and, instead, do some networking with artists and friends at the event which was hosted by  the Ridgefield Arts Council. It was well prepared event and "the house was full". All attendees had a chance to see several exhibitions, munch on appetizers, sip some wine, listen to the music (Thank you Aldrich Museum). The keynote speaker was Richard Friswell, Publisher and Executive Editor of ARTES, an international, on-line fine arts magazine.
Mr. Friswell's presentation was fun and informative. He talked about the history of sculpture and focused on the importance of sculpture as a public symbol, and about sculptures that celebrated people, religion, politicians etc. Mr. Friswell also talked about sculptures that were defaced and decapitated by people. He finished with  current examples of sculpture in the public arena in Connecticut and elsewhere in the world. I especially enjoyed his talk about a very controversial Czech artist David Černý who is known in the United states with his "Babies" (his Babies made it to the United States, but now "reside" on the Czech TV tower) and another great sculpture, "Metalmorphosis", which is installed in Charlotte NC (see below).

Below from left: Myself, and my artist-friends Emilya Padlowski and Katushka Millones Bojko

And, if you ever are in Charlotte, NC go see "Metalmorphosis" - it's worth it.

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