Aug 9, 2011

Visit To Pepsico Grounds

If I have an opportunity to visit Pepsico in Purchase, I never miss it. I also feel that if anyone comes for a visit to  Westchester or Fairfield counties, they must visit the Pepsico grounds. Especially since it is free to public. So obviously, my daughter and  I had to take Maggie (our exchange student) to see the Pepsico Sculpture Gardens. As we were driving, we had a heavy stormy rain, but then rain stopped soon after  we started walking around - probably because the security guard told us he will hold the rain for us, so we can see all the sculptures.

In the gardens, there are sculptures by well known artist such as Duchamp, Ernst, Miro, Calder, Giacometti - just to name a few. All of them are situated in such places that they compliment the mother nature. Pepsico spends great deal on keeping up these grounds and its art.

When we were leaving, the sun was out again and some people were taking their wedding pictures. So if you are getting married or if you are just driving by on Merrit Parkway, go see this great art, be a part of this "small wonder" if just for an hour.

To see exhibiting artists and their art works in the Gardens click on this link to a great website, dedicated to Pepsico. Then, after the page opens, click on each artist's name.

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