Jan 30, 2011

Ridgefield Guild Of Artists Opening Reception in January 2011

My second Juried Group Show was in Ridgefield, CT. Despite the recent stormy and cold weather there was a big turn out of "art lovers". I usually do not go to see my paintings where they were placed on the wall before the show, but as I walked in, to be part of  this opening reception, I was surprised to see one of my paintings "greet" people upon their entering the gallery. There I saw my piece of art along with another painting, and I was happy how both of them actually compliment each other.

Couple of people took a notice of my painting - in a positive way, which made me pretty happy.

I proceeded to see all of the art at the gallery. Beside my "Blue Green Abstract" there were several other abstract paintings, but mine was the smallest one. As I walked along the walls looking at every painting in the room I was truly surprised, that my other painting "Brown No. 1" made it to the show, and understood why my third painting, "Yellow Red Abstract", didn't. It was too bright and it would not work with any of the paintings at this show, while even that "Brown No. 1" looked quite different from the rest of the art chosen by Lee Weber, still its different shades of brown color had something in common with surrounding paintings and photographs. I must say that "Ridgefield Guild of Artists" knows how to make paintings work together - how to place different styles next to each other so they look great.

I enjoyed all other paintings very much. It felt great to be surrounded by such a diversity of styles. I finished my outing to the gallery at a cafe with couple of other friend artists, and my husband and daughter. Then it was time to go back home to my painting.

If you haven't seen the show - go and have a nice time, there are really nice pieces of art in the gallery. This show will end on February 25th, 2011.

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