Jan 17, 2011

No. 34 - "Brown No. 1"

I am getting ready for my solo exhibition in Danbury, CT, which will be in March 2011. Couple of my paintings (that I have submitted for this event) are geometric abstracts. My submitted paintings are fairly big (48x36), and they need some "friends", ie. a smaller version of same style paintings. On the left you can see the latest addition to my geometric abstraction.

I need to visit the premises, also. I hear that fifty paintings can fit in there. If that is true, then I need to be a very focused and productive individual for several weeks. No day dreaming about writing and illustrating a children book.

"Brown No. 1"
Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 1.5"
Acrylic on canvas

© 2010 Bronislava Slagle, All Rights Reserved

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