Jan 8, 2011

Books I Have Purchased Today

In order to pursue selling of my art, I have created in my head several plans (note to myself: need to put it on a paper). One plan is to read more - to educate myself. Although I read lot of articles that I search on line, I do not read enough books.

My virtual friend artist Dora Ficher (one day I shall meet Dora in person) suggested a book by Alyson Stanfield. I did some on-line research (but of course!), went to the library and rented four books, one of them Alyson's.

They all are somewhat similar, yet each has something that others do not. I "quick" read all of them and decided on ordering them all as my reference books. Here are  all the titles of the books I purchased today.

Alyson Stanfield "I'd rather be in the studio!" - great book (easy read) about how to market yourself as an artist and how to stay in circulation, thank you Dora for suggesting this book.

Jackie Battenfield - "The Artist's Guide: How to make a living doing what you love" - similar book to Alyson Stanfield's, with a slightly older twist (this was published earlier than Alyson's)

Daniel Grant - "An Artist's Guide: Making it in New York City" - book that talks about moving to New York City and making it as an artist, including many addresses to all different organizations that are very important for artists

and the last book I ordered is:

Caroll Michels - "How to survive and prosper as an artist" - I just peeked into this book and it looks like a great source of information, plus it is a motivational and inspirational book as well.

As I am writing this post, my books are on my way.

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  1. Broni, these books all sound great! I use Alyson's book constantly! Have fun with all this reading! It was my pleasure to recommend the book.