Jan 12, 2011

Daily "Draw365" - Story of A Scary Cross

I found out about "daily drawings" from a friend and other people who talk about #draw365 on Twitter all the time. I do not draw on a daily basis, but I did draw in the past here and there. Like, for example, when my daughter was little. We would draw or paint together all the time. So, I thought that who ever came up with this idea of a "daily drawing" trend for artists is a wonderful and clever person. I made a decision to commit myself to daily drawing and yesterday I posted my first artistic expression on Twitter. After all, this exercise makes any artist create something every day, he or she uses his/her imagination and eye-hand coordination (great art practice), and a benefit for me would be to keep myself out of trouble.Hmmm, out of trouble? Really? Oh boy, oh boy. Did I get in trouble today without my knowing how!

After I posted my drawing to my TwitPic Account and tweeted the link, I went to look for my friend's #draw365 creation on FB (for people who do not know what FB means - it is an abbreviation for Face Book). As usual her drawing was "fab". After I commented on it, I decided to make a photo album on my FB's Bronislava Art Page and upload my daily drawing every day there as well (besides my new TwitPic page). My FB album would be there for my friends who do not have Twitter and TwitPic accounts. Otherwise, how could they tell me how wonderful (or not so wonderful) my daily art is, right?

Few minutes later I got a message from my friend, asking me "please do not post your images on people's FB pages that you do not know. It is not ethical." And she also mentioned that my cross scared her friend.

Whoa! I did WHAT? I wrote back to my friend that I do not understand what she is talking about. I did not recall posting my FIRST fabulous drawing on any one's page, only to my TwitPix account and to my new album called "365 - Daily Draw" that I just created on FB, and which automatically gots posted only on my fan's pages, because they are my fans. Our messages went back and forth for a while. We were trying to figure out what happened.

I had to run some errand in one of the neighboring cities and had time to think about the whole situation and different possibilities how it could have happened. While I was driving and thinking about "this crisis", I had to laugh. The situation, in my humble opinion, was ridiculous. And quite funny.
First of all, my so called "scary cross" actually really represents an intersection. What is so scary about that? The arrows are sort of like "one way" road signs. Each "one way" is different from the three others. If a person takes one way, what awaits him/her at the end will be different from the other paths. The brown color represents earth - path on the road. Besides, I love browns. In all different shades. And I think that the darkness of my color in this particular drawing represents the drama of the lifel, not only the earth we walk upon. Too bad I could not tell my friend's friend not to be scared of my drawing; that it doesn't have any dark meaning.
And second of all, I had to think how could the image possibly get onto my friend's friend's FB page. I guess that FB, like other interactive pages, might have a glitch and by this weird accident when I opened my new album after I just left my friends page (who is a friend with the other lady) and after I pushed "the publish button" after the scary cross was uploaded, the image just landed in her profile - even that she was not a fan on my art page. If we think of it - Google is always fixing some errors in their algorithms, and so is Twitter, when their pages do not open properly. Programming is after all such a young profession that people who work for these companies still have to learn a lot.

Oh well, it would not be my life if it would not be dramatic. I must say that I do not get bored. Also, I would never imagine that my beautiful, meaningful art will scare someone. I guess, I will have to rethink how I draw/paint my ideas. Perhaps, I should name my drawing "Scary Cross-Roads". Hmmm, I like that.


PS. I know, I know - my English is not perfect. But I am trying my best.


January 31st, 2011 - this must have been the culprit: http://www.techspot.com/news/42193-identity-of-zuckerbergs-hacker-unknown-facebook-fixes-bug.html

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  1. Broni, Great story! You tell it with a sense of humor and it came out very nice. And...your English is very good!!!