Jul 26, 2011

Art Show In The Fairfield Library's Bruce S. Kershner Gallery

My husband, daughter and I decided to be a host family for a student from an exchange program. Yesterday, we took Maggie to a fun event in Fairfield and while we were there, we decided to see Bruce S. Kershner Gallery - they always have a great exhibitions there. And we saw some great art there! The paintings, drawings and collages were done by artists with disabilities and special needs, and I was really impressed with a great ideas and quality of their work. It was very hard to pick a favorite painting for us. Maggie really liked the abstract painting created with wheels of a wheelchair (to the left). Below is another snapshot of a painting. If you are in Fairfield, visit this gallery even if just for a quick look. Art heals souls (and music too)   :-)

Follow this link for Bruce S. KershnerGallery.

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