Jul 8, 2011

The "Summer Time" Exhibition - Wilton Library

When I saw the call for artist for "Summer Time" exhibition in Wilton Library, I had a flash of children playing in the meadow, and children going to a carnival, and children splashing in the water on the sea shore, and having a clown juggler over for their birthday...
So for this show I decided to create a couple of pen and watercolor "free hand" drawings with children in mind - "Girl With Flower" and "Juggling". Below, you can see images from today's reception for two months long art exhibition.

Update: Aileen Lindner mentioned the "Summer Time" exhibition in our local newspaper.

"Summer Time" -  50+ artists exhibited in Wilton Library

 Despite the storm and heavy rain hitting skylight windows of the library, many people came to the reception.
In the middle is my pen/watercolor drawing "Juggling"

My other pen and watercolor drawing "Girl With Flower"

 I've made an artist friend :-)

My dear and loyal husband Jeffrey with my dear and loyal friend Cintia :-)

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