Feb 27, 2013

"Somebody" Portraits

About two years ago I bought a set of firm pastels. I tried them and I just didn't like them as much as I liked soft pastels. So, I put them aside. Couple of months ago I was drawing with my soft pastels on the paper, which had a smooth surface, this time. But I had hard time to keep the pastels to cling to the surface. I just had to re-color the area several times, whenever I tried to do some blending. It was very annoying. (Who said that art is easy is wrong!)

Few days ago I decided to pull my firm pastels out of a drawer and draw an imaginary portrait. I used a different technique with these pastels and I love to work with them now. I am ready to draw many portraits.

Maybe I should put my soft pastels on the shelf for a while? No, actually I will use both of them at the same time. I like that idea. And I will use a pencil too. And perhaps even watercolor.... and oil stick... and ........ LOL

Above drawing is "Somebody #2" and drawing below is "Somebody #1". I call these portraits "Somebody", because they are actually nobody. Hmmm, should I call them "Somebody Nobody"? They are just figments (is that English-English or American-English or both Englishes expression?) of my mind. And more to come. I love this technique....

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