Jul 29, 2013

Charcoal Drawings

My life has been a bit busy with many of my interests. Between my drawing and painting and knitting and crocheting, I also try to learn the business of promoting my art (and crafts). Recently - out of the blue - I was hired to teach knitting. And I totally love it. On top of that people enjoy my teaching techniques and for me it is great to be among happy souls that are creative, or that are learning to be creative.

So lately, when I am not teaching knitting, I am working on a piece for the Westport Arts Center's call for artists with a theme "Home Sweet Home". Let me tell you, that is quite a tough one. As an artist, I do want to kind of stand out. Which I usually do. However, that can be outside of the NYC art scene quite a draw back. I feel like painting a house and call it "Home Sweet Home" is not just good enough for me. Then my wild mind (I do not want to call my thinking crazy, because it could be demeaning or unflattering expression since any artist's "crazy ideas" should be seen more or less as different and progressive) goes into a high speed and ---- creates art that not everyone can appreciate. It takes a special person to like my work. So if you are that special person and like my art, keep fingers crossed for my drawing to be accepted into the above mentioned show.

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