Mar 24, 2014

Wedding Event of the Season by B&H

Up until this year I have been using just a "point and shoot camera".  But my DH surprised me with a new, and more complex camera as a gift. That prompted me to take a class to learn how to take images in the manual settings. So far so good. However, I didn't realize how much information one has to learn in order to take images manually. (You do not want to know show many times I started to take images with lens cap on.)
Since my camera was purchased from B&H store, I signed up for a newsletter. Today B&H sent me a reminder about live event, that was happening in NYC. They hired top professionals that take wedding images. Although I have never taken wedding images, I decided to watch the event and was really happy I did. I can use all the information that was presented for my personal use as well. The all day long presentations by photography professionals was very good and I found the link to share with you just in case you are interested in watching it. Click HERE, sit back and watch this event even if you want to get just inspired.

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