Feb 7, 2014

Henna Tattoos

I consider henna tattoos one form of art. For many years I have been admiring beautiful henna tattoos - the real ones, you know. The ones done by skilled henna artists in India. So, I had to dab into that type of art a little bit too - since I am a person that has to try anything and everything that is interested in...
So here are some of my first designs. Well, actually it was about the third try ever since my daughter asked me to help out with henna tattoos for her friends. One of these days I will be this Czech/American artist doing henna tattoos so typical for India without any problems... aaaaahhhh I like that - I like being "global artist". It's like when The Beatles went to India and introduced some of Indian styles into their music. And people went crazy.

OK. OK. Below are a few images I did for a fund raiser at the Quinnipiac University, Connecticut tonight. Students chose their designs from the web and I copied it with few little changes. The experience was absolutely worth it.

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