Nov 4, 2011

Latest News From My Drawing Class At NCC

I know, I haven't written much lately, but.... besides being busy at home with our small family, having part time job and volunteering as a mentor, I am taking also a drawing class. I have mentioned my professor David Boyajian on my blog (HERE) who is responsible for teaching our class and who gives down to earth presentations full of wonderful explanations. Even the least artistic person on Earth will improve drawing skills under Mr. Boyajian's guidance. IMHO (in my humble opinion). He covers it all - object's perspective, proportion, line, vanishing point, contour, contrast, light, shadow, reflection, color value etc. - over and over and over again. It is wonderful to see how everyone is improving with each finished session due to his gentle "drill".

Here, on this web page you can see some of my best charcoal works I drew in school so far. Next time I will post some of my pencil drawings that we had to do as a homework assignment.

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