Nov 30, 2012

Westport Art Center - Muse Show

When I heard that Helen Klisser During will talk about her trip to Africa, I dropped everything and went to the Art Talk. I'd be thrilled to visit this continent.

Another reason I went to see the Talk full of images and videos from Helen's fascinating trip was that I wanted to see the Muse exhibition, featuring Paul Cadmus and Jane Sutherland. Jane talked about her drawings and paintings that are featured at the Westport Art Center first. Her pieces are based on Degas' statue of a 14 year old ballerina that was his muse at the time. Here is another write up about Jane's drawings and paintings - an interesting read including photographs of Jane's works.

Paul Cadmus, an american artist, mastered his figurative drawings. One just has to marvel at his workmanship. This exhibition is worth going to see. Read more about the show HERE.

I took few images with my android (see below), but there are far better images on internet. If you do not want to do your own search, click on the links provided in my text.

My images of Cadmus' drawings are not good - too much glare from the gallery windows

Jane Sutherland's art

Helen Klisser During and Jane Sutherland

Jane's drawings

Jane with her painting and  one of her drawings

Helen was able to get Chuck Close's painting for the show 

and Picasso

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