Jan 3, 2013

SHAPES - Solo Show in Easton CT

Friends, art lovers and art collectors,

First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to all of you.

If you are living or visiting an area near Easton in Connecticut, you are cordially invited to see my solo show in Easton Public Library now open until February 12, 2013.

691 Morehouse Road
Easton, Connecticut 06612

See the map HERE.

Below are my thoughts on my "SHAPES" show.

“I was always mesmerized by shapes and outlines. They are usually a part of any art expression. In my latest drawings I take two or more abstract shapes and connect them, entwine them, and, by layering them, make them appear 3D. What is most amazing is that there is such a vast number of possibilities. The “Shapes” series is based on one drawing style, yet each piece is very different from the next one.

One of the inspirations for “Shapes” is the great Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher, whose very complex black and white pencil drawings I admire so much. “Shapes” is influenced by nature, such as clouds or stones, twigs in the forest, or maybe even microscopic bone tissue. You can see the shapes are tangled together and even occasionally connected with what appear to be unraveled pieces of yarn - an idea borrowed from my other passion, knitting.

 My desire is for you to look at my pencil and charcoal drawings and try to “connect” the shapes that you see with ordinary objects from your own lives. My satisfaction with these drawings, which I hope you will share, comes from having turned a chaos of disconnected and jumbled shapes into a balanced and orchestrated series of compositions. I will have been successful if you experience the same peace of mind in viewing this series of drawings as I experienced in creating them.”

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