Apr 11, 2009

no. 1 - "I Can Paint Gerhard Richter Style"

This painting was made for my husband Jeffrey, for his Valentine's Day. One winter-y day we went to see Gerhard Richter show in Manhattan. Some of his paintings seemed so easy to paint, while others intrigued me. I stood in front of one and I told my husband, who was standing next to me, "I can do something similar. This is a piece of cake." He laughed and said "Sure," and proceeded onto another piece. Now mind you, I do not go to see paintings/galleries/museums often, nor I had enough time to paint that much (although I love to paint). But when I go to see art in galleries or museums I come close to any painting and look how it could possibly be done. And then I usually paint it in my head.

So after this show I decided that I will pay a visit to a local art store and paint one painting for my husband that would be influenced by Gerhard Richter's paintings, which my husband so much admires.

My husband loves his painting. (NFS).

"I Can Paint Gerhard Richter Style"
Dimensions: 48" x 36" x 2.5"
Acrylic on canvas

© 2007 Bronislava Slagle, All Rights Reserved

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  1. this should never be for sale...beautiful!