Jan 5, 2012

Pastel Drawing - Stormy Clouds

I have one obsession - looking at the sky. I absolutely adore the clouds. The shapes. The colors. Sometimes heaviness. Other times luminosity. I must be extra careful while driving, because I tend to steal a look at the clouds and it could be.... you know what I mean.

Over the years I have seen many cloud paintings and drawings from other artists. Some exquisite, some pretty bad. I have been trying to get courage to paint or draw clouds for a long time. And in these past few days, it was my first attempt. I think I didn't do too bad, but neither great. I still need to perfect the feel, the colors..... But not too bad at the first try :-)

(I just have to pat my own back a little bit - it is my personal encouragement to do it again.)

Stormy Clouds
Pastel on Cotton, Acid Free, Archival Paper

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