Sep 11, 2011

Commemorating 9-11-2001 In New Britain Museum of American Art

Ten years ago I was at home cleaning, while my daughter was in school. Suddenly my husband called and told me to turn our  TV on. He was in Midtown Manhattan on the very high floor and could see one of the twin towers smoking. Then as he was talking to me with voice, in which I detected tears in his eyes, he saw another airplane hit the other tower. As I heard him say "Oh my God, another plane hit the other tower! I cannot believe it!" I cried my eyes out. I knew that most likely several of my clients just died in there, as I they worked in the WTC. I worked one block north of Wall Street three or four years ago and had many clients in the area.

Then I remeber panicking about my six year old daughter, because we lived about six or seven miles from the nuclear power plant and if there would be some disaster, they would bus children to safety, but no one would know where they would take them. Luckily they sent children home.
I cried for several days. I just could not stop thinking about all those innocent people who were victims to this horrible disaster, all those children either father-less or mother-less, or some even parent-less. I was scared to find out if any of my clients died that day. I want to believe they are still living at home with their families.

When my artist friend Sue Brand told me that our friend Dalton Ghetti is exhibiting his carved tear drops (nearly three thousand of them) in New Britain Museum of American Art to commemorate every single victim of 9/11 disaster, I had to go to see his art. He is a well known figure in sculpture world and anyone should go to see what he can do with the pencil led and small carving tools. All those tear drops are so smooth and shiny and their color just makes you shiver. Nothing could express the sorrow better then Dalton's steely gray "Tear Drops."

See an article on the exhibition here.

Dalton Ghetti's "Tear Drop"

Dalton Ghetti

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