Sep 8, 2011

Westport Arts Center - 2011 Group Members Juried Exhibition

When the Westport Arts Center announced an opportunity for a new submission, “2011 Group Members Juried Exhibition – LOVE," (juried by Whitney Museum of American Art Curator, David Kiehl), I knew I wanted this piece to be different. Many ideas were popping in and out of my head, but nothing satisfied my desire to start. That is until TheNew York Times posted an article entitled, "In Afghanistan, Rage at Young Lovers," at the end of July. Suddenly my main idea started to unfold.

There are many "modern day Romeo’s and Juliet’s" in the world, where true love takes a back seat to the needs of the family, or the government, or the church, and where no one seems to care how young people feel or what they think. Someone else makes the decision for them. If they rebel, or try to run away and get married secretly, they may be caught and subjected to various forms of punishment, including even death. As I started to research what these young people have to go through, I came across a lot of material, including videos of extreme brutality on YouTube. With some of the material from the internet, words and images included, combined with my thoughts and a bit of my art, "FORBIDDEN LOVE" came to life.

Mark your calendars - you are invited to see my "Forbidden Love"
Opening Reception: Friday, September 16, 6 – 8pm
Come spread the love with Artist Members. Cash bar and music.

For the list of all exhibiting artists click HERE

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