Jun 9, 2011

"The Art of Writing Art Statements" - HVCA Writing Workshop

 Allie McConnell, Lisa Scails, D'lynne Plummer

After an artist creates his/her art, be it a painting, a sculpture, a mixed media, or a photo, he/she also must educate viewers (public, curators, gallerists, journalists, collectors) what his/her art is all about. An artist needs to express his/her message in an "artist's statement", which writing these statements can be a huge struggle for anyone and same applies to me.
Prior to tonight's writing class, I have done a lot of research about how to write such a statement. I spent hours on the Internet reading anything that would be any advice to me and also reading many different artist's statements, so I would understand how to actually write it. After many hours of learning on my own, I still felt I need to learn more.
When HVCA, an organization in Danbury, which supports various artists, offered a workshop on writing art statements, I immediately signed up. This class was very insightful. D'lynne Plummer, our presenter from Boston, MA - actually she is the Director of Professional Development for the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston (A&BC) - put together a great power point presentation along with several examples. Also she let us practice a bit to see if we understand her message. In nearly two hours we got a lot of quality information for our money. Thanks to HVCA's Lisa Scails and Allie McConnell who organized this workshop, I understand what the "artist's statement" is all about.

Now I just need to learn the correct English grammar and I will be all set. Well almost - I still need to learn how to market myself the correct way :-)

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