Nov 3, 2010

No. 26 - "Patrick"

About four years ago I painted an abstract painting for my sister-in-law for her living room. Couple years later, I found out that her son, my nephew, "confiscated" the painting for himself and hanged it in his bedroom. So when I was taking a class in our local college, I decided to paint my nephew's portrait Andy Warhol style using acrylic paint (instead of silk screen) as my school project, and then to give it to him for his graduation (and Christmas as well). He totally loved the painting and his younger brother, my other nephew, wanted one quite badly also. I told my sister-in-law that I will paint the younger nephew's portrait when he will graduate from his High School, which would be almost in five years. I could not wait any longer and just finished the painting as his 2010 Christmas gift. In order to make it a surprise, I downloaded one of his last year's picture, which was posted on Face Book by my sister-in-law, and worked with that. So, above is the outcome. I hope, that he'll like it.

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